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Live weather in Edgworth

Edgworth is a village at an altitude of 200m on the West Pennine Moors in Lancashire in the North West of England, UK

The weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2

It is located in Crown Gardens, BL7 0QZ 

Lat N53o 38.873'   Long W02o 23.788'

SD 7389  1689

To see the latest weather data click the link below

The data page will open in your web browser and will refresh every minute.

Depending on your browser you may have to refresh the page manually.

Apologies, the temperature sensor seems to be behaving somewhat erratically

It occasionally reports ridiculously low outside temperatures,

(I've emailed Davies and await their reply. 13 January 2021)

link to Edgworth weather

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Last updated on 09/12/20